Interviews: with Margo

1. What is the essence of Vilnius?

Strolling the cobbled street of the ancient old town, relaxing in one of the many parks, enjoying beautiful views over the city from the bell tower, watching balloons wandering across the sky on a summer evening, but most of all the friendly local people is what makes Vilnius the perfect weekend getaway.

2. What is your favourite restaurant/ place?
There are lots: Huracan coffee for a coffee, Sugamour for sweets, Gatves Kepejai for bread, Boom burgers for an easy dinner and Bistro Pranciskonai for haute cuisine.

3. Where do you go out?
I love to watch an English movie at cinema Pasaka in old town, preceded by dinner and drinks at la Bohème. Also in summer I love to visit food festivals as Vilnius Open Kitchen or Vilnius Burger Fest.

4. Describe a perfect day in Vinius city
Having a latte and croissant at one of the many coffee places Vilnius holds, walking through old town and do some shopping at traditional Lithuanian shops, climbing up the Gediminas tower for a gorgeous view over Vilnius, strolling through Bernardinu gardens and visiting Vilnius' bohemian and artistic district Uzupis, having dinner at Saint Germain’s outdoor terrace while enjoying artworks on the walls of Literatu street.

5. Please tell me more about yourself
I am 38 years old and originally from the Netherlands, I moved to Vilnius in April 2016. I live in the old town and love to stroll the city taking pictures of historical places. I like reading comics and Stephen King novels, as well as playing chess and boardgames.

Interviews: with Erik Suchy

1. What is the essence of Vilnius?
It was amazing time abroad, ten days around the Baltic countries were awesome with a lot of new experiences and great feelings. I took a lot of nice pictures from all of these states, but especially from Lithuania. For me Vilnius is very clean and calm city, with a lot of traditional shops.

2. What is your favorite restaurant/place?
Because of fact that I was in Vilnius just one and half day I didn´t have time to visit more restaurants, I just had a lunch once at bus station.

3. Where do you go out?
So I came to Vilnius in the afternoon after more than 19 hours in the bus: within five minutes walking I found your place, really close to the station, and then I received keys of apartment from one very friendly and attractive lady. Same afternoon I was walking across city. I saw a lot and in my opinion the nicest building is definitely main cathedral. Looking at cathedral with gediminas tower behind on the hill was very impressive. I really liked it! As I told you this time I bought souvenire - a bell where is painted this view. This is the part of city which is certainly the nicest for tourists. Magnificent view was also from hill where is Gediminas tower. Town hall is very nice and I liked whole square where it's situated. I noticed that there are a lot of churches, the most beautiful for me is st.Anne. Next day I visited Trakai castle. It was so rainy and windy weather and after 15 minutes of walking I was totally wet. However I didn´t regret anything because this castle was amazing, so nice and unique, surrounded by water and beautiful nature.

4. Describe a perfect Sunday (or any other day) in the Vilnius city?

A perfect day in Vilnius? Sport is my most favourite hobby, so I can imagine that on free Sunday I would go to some basketball match, especially I would like to see match against Kaunas or some euroleague match. I´m sure that there is great atmosphere by funs.